About Me

Hi, My name's Russell.

I'm British but I've lived in Melbourne for the last two and half years with my wife and daughter who's now four.

My wife's sister emigrated about 6 years ago and I was nagged ever since to come to Australia - so here I am!

I've had a bit of trouble getting a decent job over here........

........I'm a qualified property valuer in Britain but things were a bit quiet in Oz property wise when I arrived due to the Global Financial Crisis.

Me at Scienceworks

Also there was a catch 22 situation because I needed to work for a year to become qualified as an Australian valuer but no-one wanted me because I wasn't qualified here......

Me at a free kayaking event  - I did actually go out on the water!.

......Hence budgeting by looking for free things to do.

I was amazed at the number of good quality things I was able to find after a bit of thorough research.

Then one day my dad (who was over here on holiday with us at the time) mentioned there's a website on free things to do in London and this website was born!!

It's been built entirely by me - someone who has trouble putting on a DVD and never worked out how to set the timer to tape a video!!

Now you can benefit from my research. It's especially useful if you have kids as those entry fees sure add up quickly.

Hope my information helps you enjoy Melbourne

as much as I'm enjoying it.


This website was built mainly between 2010 and 2014 and I'm back in England at the moment but there is so much useful info on this site I've kept it running. Please do double check all entry times etc though as I haven't done much updating for the last couple of years.

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