Best 10 Tourist Sites

There's now so much to find on the website that if you've got limited time it'll be hard to decide which are the best things to do. So......

.......I've made up a couple of lists with my opinion of the top ten places to visit for Families and Tourists.

Here is the Best 10 Tourist Sites list:

(Just click on the photos to take you to the relevant page).

Discover Melbourne with a free guide No 1
Go on a free 2 - 4 hour tour of Melbourne with a Volunteer guide on behalf of the City of Melbourne.
Shrine of Remembrance No 2
The Shrine of Remembrance is a really interesting place to visit even if you didn't think it sounded like your cup of tea!.......

........And don't miss the view from the top.

Royal Botanic Gardens No 3
Go on the free guided walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens to really appreciate its beauty.
Parliament House No 4
Go on the free tour here at Parliament House and see a wonderful building dripping in gold paint inside.
St Kilda penguins. No 5
Go and see these lovely creatures coming home at the end of a hard days fishing.
Find the action at Federation Square No 6
With about 2000 events a year, don't miss Federation Square - there's almost always something going on here.
Design and Innovation Walking Tour No 7
A great walk past 23 of Melbourne's most interesting buildings.
ANZ Gothic Bank No 8
You'll be amazed at the wealth used to create this wonderful building at the ANZ Bank on Collins Street.
Fitzroy Gardens No 9
Take the free weekly tour here at Fitzroy Gardens to see and learn lots of interesting things about Melbourne.
Victoria Police Museum No 10
You'll learn lots about Melbourne here at the Victoria Police Museum, some good, mostly the bad!!

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