Living in or visiting Melbourne?

Love FREE things to do?

Me too!

This website has over 150 great quality free things to do in Melbourne.

I've visited a lot of cities and Melbourne ranks well up the list for high quality free attractions for both tourists and locals.


When I first came over here money was a bit tight so I googled and found a few websites listing 10 free things to do.

"Good!" I thought, "these should keep me busy for a while!".

Unfortunately a closer inspection revealed all the websites listed the same 10 free things!

RAAF Museum

They certainly didn't include the RAAF Museum - not only is it really big and interesting but they give flying displays in their old aircraft too - all for FREE.....

....then there is the free tour of the Parliament of Victoria where you even get to sit on the Speaker's and Premier's chairs - when they don't need the chairs themselves of course!......

Parliament House

.....and don't forget all those free Melbourne Festivals - 18 at the last count.....

......and loads of school holiday activities for the kids - they'll never be bored again and it won't cost you a cent.......

Face Painting......or try the markets with entertainment such as live bands and circus performers roaming around.......

......or get your kids face painted....... a cookery demonstration......

......catch an exhibition of aborigine art......

333 Collins Street.......have a look at some amazing buildings, built when the banks had more money than was good for them (some things don't change!).....

......and the gold vaults where gold bullion was stored during the gold rush era.....

......or drool in front of the shop where they have lollipop making demonstrations (not just for the kids this one!).

And the list goes on and on........

.......I've found over 150 different great quality free things for you to do and see in Melbourne.......

........It'll take you YEARS to see all these things properly........

........You won't have to pay those horrible things called "entrance fees" for a long, long time.......

.......Come on in and plan a trip for the weekend NOW!

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Melbourne Festivals
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Concession Card Holder
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Free Accommodation in Melbourne
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Splash Out
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Melbourne Trip Planner
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Melbourne Photos
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Share Your Stories
Share your stories about free things to do in Melbourne.
Blog Page
This blog keeps you up-to-date with all the new pages and extra information I've found to add to my Free-Things-To-Do-Melbourne website. Suscribe here as I've got a lot more to tell you about!
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