AFL Football

AFL Football

Most, if not all, of the AFL Football clubs have a Family Day event just before the start of the season......... that's end February to March time.

A friend of my wife told me I should check them out as it would be good to put on the website.........

..........and she was right!!

I’ve got to admit to having no interest in AFL Football though...........

..........I did go to one game shortly after arriving in Melbourne – Collingwood v Sydney Swans - and was lucky enough to be next to someone who explained the rules but you can’t beat a good soccer match!!

Aussie Rules Football

I do know how popular it is over here with families though.........

.........and I didn’t hear any rude songs or swearing so it does have something going for it!

You don’t really need to have much interest in the football to enjoy yourself at these family day events though.

We went along to the St Kilda family day down in Frankston with some friends and had a good time with the kids playing some of the activities that had been lined up.......... throwing a ball though a hole in a target (like in the photo above!) and crazy golf..........

Let me know who this bloke is - seems to be popular with the ladies!

.........The mums also found some very good value clothing stalls although the official gear was extremely expensive.

I saw that Hawthorn had Scoobie Doo lined up as entertainment this year but we weren’t able to make that event..........

..........which is a pity as Scoobie was always one of my favourite characters - maybe next year!!

The players also sign autographs at these events if you ARE into the football!

Check out the following websites at the beginning of February to see if there are any family day events happening near you (note I’ve put them in alphabetical order so if your team is near the bottom, don’t get too upset)!

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