Flinders Street Railway Station

I won't be mentioning many individual buildings just for a peek from the outside......

......but Flinders Street railway station is an exception as it's such a famous Melbourne place, has some lovely features and is worth much more than a second glance.........

..........The existing building was built in 1910 although there's been a station on this site since as far back as 1854.........

Flinders Street Railway Station Clocks

........Have a look at the clocks above the main entrance steps (as shown in the photo below).........

........I met many times under the clock at Waterloo railway station in London but only recently found out that these clocks here in Melbourne are a famous meeting place too.

I've read that a lot of the upper rooms in the station are not used and are in a poor state of repair. That's such a shame as it's a fabulous building and I've no doubt some of these rooms would have been magnificent once upon a time.

Flinders Street station

Look at it in detail along Flinders Street. It's actually a very narrow but long building......

.......There's a guided tour of the station which I must do one day. It's not free though.

Check out where the station is in Melbourne by clicking on the blue writing underneath this map to make it larger. You can the make the streets bigger and smaller and move to the left/right and above/below by clicking on the +, - and arrow buttons on the top left hand side of the map.

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