Ian Potter Museum of Art - University of Melbourne

The Ian Potter Museum of Art is part of the University of Melbourne and is located on the University campus.

Ian Potter Museum of Art

The University has been collecting art since it's beginning in 1853 and has one of the largest art collections in Victoria.

It holds 16 exhibitions a year, largely comprising Australian art but also has some European archaeology collections, indigenous cultural material, decorative arts and 20th century posters.

When I went along there were Greek and Roman coins on display and paintings, drawings and prints from the Ewing Collection which is mainly Australian art from the 19th and early 20th century.

University of Melbourne campus

It's easy to find the museum as the (no longer quite free) shuttle bus stops right outside (stop 7). It's at Swanston Street, Parkville between Faraday and Elgin Streets.

It's open Tues-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat/Sun 12.00-5pm, closed Mondays.

While you're here, why not take a walk around the University of Melbourne campus.......

.......It takes about an hour and you'll come across some lovely old buildings.......

Sculpture on Canvas Guide

......You can download a brochure, map and audio guide about this walk from my webpage - Melbourne University Walk.

You can also pick up a Sculpture on Campus guide from the Museum. This guide has 23 art exhibits to see on the campus.......

.......It has a map and fairly detailed information about each of the art exhibits.

I didn't actually know about this guide when I did the Melbourne University walk.......

........I'll have a look at these art exhibits when I return to see the Mad Max underground carpark which I also mention on my Melbourne University Walk webpage!

Find where the museum is located on the map below.

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