Laughter Club

You might think I'm having a laugh but I'm deadly serious........

........if you want something to laugh about then the Laughter Club is the place for you!

There are (surprisingly) lots of these laughing clubs in Melbourne and apparently 7000 worldwide.........

Laughter Club at Federation Square

........or is it just 6000? The website Homepage says 7000 clubs and the About page says 6000 - someones having a laugh!

They've been going 16 years though so it's not just a passing fad.

Some people in the crowd at the one I went to were joining in though personally I thought it was a bit strange........

........Maybe because I was late getting there and didn't 'get' it? Find out for yourself.

Laughter Club sign

It's certainly worth a look just because it's so unusual.

The Club I saw is in Federation Square on the first Sunday of each month at 11am.

They're on the stage. I'm not sure if they still do it there in the rain though or if they move through to the Atrium.

Don't be late (like I was) as it's only on for 30 minutes.

Check out Laughting Clubs for details of the other Club locations in Melbourne. There's apparently 30 in Victoria and the majority of these are in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

You'll find Federation Square right next to Flinders Street Railway Station. Check out the map below - Click on the blue writing beneath the map for a better overall idea of it's location.

View Laughter Club in a larger map

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