Eastern Hill Fire Brigade demonstration

Each Friday a free show is put on at 10.30am. Fireys speak to the children about safety, there are child sized fireman's uniforms to wear, the children

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Merry-Go-Market at Queen Victoria Market

Merry-Go–Market is a family event focusing on fun activities for mini marketeers. Perfectly timed to coincide with the festive season, the Queen Victoria

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Melbourne Festivals

There's so many fantastic Melbourne festivals it's hard to believe. You are likely to find a festival to go to any month of the year. Take the kids, a camera and cherish some great memories.

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Linden New Art

The Linden New Art centre is a free to visit contemporary art gallery in a gorgeous historic building in the centre of St Kilda. It's open everyday except Monday.

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Free Boat Tour

Hello, I am not sure if this is covered in any of the segments, but want to share my experience for Free Boat Tours organised by the Port of Melbourne.

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A Secret Place

This is a very hidden and absolutely gorgeous room in the heart of Melbourne. They have romantic and swinging jazz on Saturday nights and they open this

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