Queen Victoria Night Market Melbourne

Suzuki Night Market


Just got back from the Queen Victoria Night Market Melbourne.


This place rocks!!

It's my new favourite place!

I've been to some good places here in Melbourne but this is certainly one of the best places to visit......

......and it's free!.....

......or could be if you don't buy any of the scrummy looking food or a beer or other thirst quencher.

It's just so different to the day market it's a surprise it's the same venue........

.........It turns from a normal but big market to a really cool place to just hang out.

It was buzzing.

There's loads of mouthwatering food to be eaten and loads of seating areas but the place was still jam packed with people sitting everywhere!

The market stalls were great too. For the first time in my life (that I can remember anyway) I was almost tempted to shop for things I didn't desperately need!.........

.........So many stalls were selling original things......

......it made a nice change from most markets I've been to.

Then there's the music - two stages. It was african drumming tonight on the main stage - not the boring repetitive type though - actually good music with mums and kids all dancing along - great fun to watch.

Suzuki Night Market

I missed the gypsy type music on the other stage but I'll be back very soon with my wife and daughter for sure.

Unfortunately this event is only held in the summer.......

..........I haven't worked out why events like this aren't held in spring and autumn too. It's not like these seasons get freezing cold here in Australia......

.......Let me know if you know!

Just in case you don't already know, the Queen Vic Market is located on the corner of Victoria and Elizabeth Streets only a short walk from Melbourne CBD.

It's on 5.30pm - 10pm on Wednesday nights. You can find out what bands are playing by checking their website at Queen Victoria Market. .........

........Don't forget this is only a summer event though!

Have a look at the map below to find the market.

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