Riverslide Skate Park

Bring your kids to a fantastic skatepark right by the Yarra River - the Riverslide Skate Park........

.......It's the nicest location I've seen a skate park in and the best skate park I've seen.

Riverslide Skate Park

Take a stroll along the river outside the historic boatsheds while your kids do their boardslides, kickflipping or mongos!

You can only leave them unsupervised if they are over 10 though.......

........otherwise there's a little cafe building you can sit outside to keep an eye on them.

It's the biggest skate park in the inner city area........

.........It's fully staffed too so it's a safe place for your kids to be.

Scooters, bikes and skateboards are all allowed.

Riverslide Skate Park

I've read it contains lots of blocks, a big box, big ledges, quarters, banks, 1/4 pipes and more!.........

.........Doesn't actually mean a thing to me!!........

..........It was apparently designed by skaters though and no doubt your kids will know the terms.

It certainly looks good to me from a spectator point of view and I've been down a drive on a skateboard twice so I have some experience!

You can hire equipment but this isn't free.

You'll find this skate park in Alexandra Gardens by the Yarra River over the bridge from Federation Square.

Have a look at the map below.

View Riverslide Skate Park in a larger map

Opening times are 10am - 6pm generally although it's open till 8pm in the summer......

........On Wednesday and Friday nights the park is floodlit till 10.30pm except in winter and weather permitting.

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