St Peters Church

I'd wanted to visit St Peters Church ever since I'd read that Melbourne was declared a city from the steps of this church.

Why this church I'd thought?......

St Peters Church

........And still do!!

In fact I think this statement is probably not true........

.......I've done a lot of internet searching since I visited this church and now can't find anything to say Melbourne was declared a city from the steps of this church!!........

....... I'm sure that if it had been then the Church would make at least a small mention of it in their website, if not a MASSIVE statement(!!) as all the other Melbourne churches seem to claim to be the first built, first to have had a sermon, first to be built of brick/stone etc etc!!........

....... If you do find that statement anywhere then let me know!!

It's a great little church though. A bit ordinary on the outside but with a lot to look at inside.

It's also good that you can pick up a leaflet here which explains about all the different things there are to see - and where they are located in the church.

It wouldn't look too interesting on this website just making a list of all the things you can look at here, made by people you probably haven't heard of....... just take a tip from me and arrange a look around inside one day, I'm sure you'll like it too.

It's actually one of the oldest buildings in Melbourne, built before the gold rush of the 1850's.

The church's full address is St Peters, Eastern Hill and you'll find it at 15 Gisborne Street, Melbourne. It's open from 7am till 6pm.........

........Check out where it is on the map below.

View St Peters Church in a larger map

While you're in the area, why not take a look at St Patrick's Cathedral over the road too - it's another place I highly recommended. I got some great photos here too on a photo tour I went on a while ago - unfortunately it wasn't free though!

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