Stonnington Symphony Orchestra

Stonnington Symphony orchestra play a free concert in Malvern Gardens, Malvern every February.

Stonnington Symphony Orchestra

Bring a picnic and a rug and relax listening to them playing 'Symphony Under the Stars'.

I only managed a fairly brief visit this year due to other commitments but the music was good and there were a lot of people there.........

........even though it looked like a big downpour was coming which is a good indication of an event worth seeing........ should be though as apparently they are first rate musicians and they claim to be one of Melbourne's finest community orchestra's.......

........To tell the truth, I've no idea how much competition there actually is for this title in Melbourne but there were a load of stalls up too, indicating it's a well run and popular event.

Stonnington Symphony Orchestra

The venue is Malvern Gardens which is located on Spring Road, Malvern.........

........It's 7 or 8 eight kilometres from Melbourne CBD. There are a couple of railway stations within about a 1.5 kilometre walk if you don't have a car.

Click onto Stonnington Symphony to find their website to get the date of the next free February concert.

Here's where they play - click on the blue writing 'Stonington Symphony Orchestra' underneath the map below and then click the - button at the top left of the map a few times to see where the Gardens are in relation to Melbourne city centre.

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