Yarra River Walk

The Yarra River Business Association have put together a Yarra River Walk podcast and map.........

Yarra River

........which gives a very informative walk/talk about things along the Yarra River and historical info about the river.

It starts and finishes at Federation Square and takes between one and two hours.

You can either listen to the talk on your computer first and then print off the map remembering what was said about the walk.........

........or, even better, download it as a podcast and listen to it during the walk.

The walk covers both sides of the Yarra and is a generally flat, easy walk.

There's a lot of good information about the river on the podcast, a reasonable amount of it new to me and probably also to many Melburnians.

For instance in the photo below you can see how brown the river can be........

Yarra River Travellers

.......This isn't because it's dirty.........

.........It's due to farming upriver which has caused particles to form which don't sink until the river meets the sea.

Some other nuggets were that Houdini performed an escape act here. He jumped into the river all trussed up and escaped within 25 seconds in front of a 20,000 strong crowd in 1910.......

........I also found out that the river has flooded quite regularly, the worst being in 1891 when it was 14 metres higher than normal and destroyed 200 homes....... a fairly familiar Australian theme.

Yarra River Architecture

Something else I hadn't thought about was that Southbank was a horrible industrial area until as late as the 1990's. Wow!.........

.........Amazing for such a central locality but fairly obvious when you think about it as everything there is so new.

Anyway, download that podcast and find out more for yourself!

Go to Yarra River Walk and click on the Precinct Walk and Podcast section and follow the instructions.

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