Federation Square

Federation Square is a great place to hang around for a few hours.

There's always something happening here!

It's opposite Flinders Street railway station and is where you'll find the Melbourne Visitor Centre.

It seems to be at the centre of everything that happens in Melbourne.

If you're lucky you'll come across a festival going on......

........Melbourne has loads of festivals and most seem to be around Fed Square.

If not, you'll certainly see buskers and there's often entertainment on the stage or on the large screen.

There's apparently 2000 events a year here at Fed Square and most of them are free.

Oprah Winfrey at Fed Square

My wife happened to be passing when Oprah Winfrey was being introduced as part of her Down Under tour.......

.......Julia Gillard was there as well but didn't seem nearly as important apparently!

I recently saw some of the Ashes (cricket) there too - won't mention the score!

Federation Square is also the location for a lot of free attractions I've mentioned elsewhere in the website.......

Federation Square

Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia art gallery........

........ Kids Corner in the Ian Potter Centre......

........the Australian Centre for the Moving Image ......

....... Kirra Gallery with it's decorative glass and handcrafted jewellery.......

........you can get a great view over the Yarra River towards The Arts Centre from The Edge which is a very interesting building architecturally........

........ In fact all the buildings in Fed Square are worth a look for their uniqueness.

Don't miss it!

Check out the map below to find where it is.

View Federation Square in a larger map

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