Melbourne Open House

This Melbourne Open House weekend is one event you should definitely not miss.

Held in July, it provides an opportunity to see some great buildings, many of which are not normally open to the public.

Missions to Seamen

If you've read some of my website you’ll probably have noticed I’ve seen quite a few Melbourne buildings during these Open House weekends.

This building in the photo below is probably my favorite so far. It's the Missions to Seamen building........

.........Check out the page Missions to Seamen. It's a really unusual building architecturally with lots of different styles but also very quaint, has a nice story behind it and the tour last year by the Chaplain was just great.

Open House weekends have only been happening in Melbourne for the last three years........

.........The concept has been going in London for 17 years now........

Baptist Church Collins Street

.........I saw loads of really good places to visit there but as it got busier each year the queues became enormous.......

It’s a great idea but unfortunately the more well known this Melbourne event becomes the larger the queues will get here too........ the best time to visit is now!!

Federation Square

Over 60 buildings were open to the public last year and there'll be 75 buildings open this year so there’s a lot of choice.

The brochure only comes out a few weeks before the weekend......

........You need to get access to the brochure as soon as possible after it's release as there's quite a lot of tours available by booking only and these get full very quickly.

Join the mailing list at the Open House website so you'll be among the first to be notified about the programme.

Put it in your diary now!

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