RMIT Gallery

The RMIT Gallery has regularly changing exhibitions of Australian and international design including architecture, fashion, fine art, craft and technology.

RMIT Gallery

As well as the exhibitions, there are often talks, lectures, discussions and other public events.

The subjects are very varied. When I went there was a very interesting exhibition about Italian jewellery.........

........and at the time of writing this I see that the next exhibition will be about 2112 Imagining the Future.........

.........The last exhibition had an indepth look and discussions about street art.

RMIT stands for the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology although it’s now a University.

The RMIT Gallery also looks after the RMIT University’s permanent art collection which is housed in its buildings around the city. These are mainly Australian artworks of paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures including Indigenous works of art.

RMIT Building 16

The building has an interesting history.........

.........It was built in 1877 by the Ancient Order of Hibernians and has been used as a meeting hall by the Suffragettes and as a commune during the General Strike of 1917.

The Gallery section of the building is a heritage building and classified by the National Trust............

..........The National Trust citation says it's "the most impressive example of the several halls erected by friendly benefit societies in 19th century Melbourne.”

The refurbished section of the building next door is highly unusual and according to Wikipedia it’s got ruffles, keys and suspender belts on the outside walls to represent the suffragettes.........

.........I’ll need to look more closely next time I’m there because I haven’t noticed these before!............

.........The green is apparently in reference to the Irish Catholic community which built the hall while the purple and white relates to the Suffragettes (Women’s Political Movement) who used the Hall from 1916.

This refurbished part of the building is interesting inside too..........

...........You can get a free guided tour round part of it during the Melbourne Open House weekend which I highly recommend.

You'll find the RMIT Gallery at 344 Swanston Street, Melbourne, near the corner of Swanston and La Trobe Streets.

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It's open 11am - 5pm Mon-Fri and 12 noon - 5pm Saturdays, closed Sundays and public holidays.

Access is available for the disabled.

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