St Kilda Penguins

Bet you didn't know there are some St Kilda penguins.....

......And even better news - you can see them for free!!

St Kilda Pier

They live on the breakwater at the end of the pier.

I'd been down to the building at the end of the pier a few times but had never looked behind it before..........

..........We went all the way to Phillip Island to see penguins last year instead of taking a short drive up Beach Road!!

In fact I've asked a few Melbourne born people and none of them knew about the penguins either..........

.........They're the same type you can see at Phillip Island - the Little Penguin type........

........They're the world's smallest penguin apparently, about 30cm tall.

You need to go along around dusk and you'll find them swimming in for the day and climbing the breakwater rocks into their nests.

They often hang around on the rocks for a while as they're a sociable animal (with other penguins that is, not with you!). 

I was taken to see these adorable little St Kilda penguins on a brilliant free Summer by the Sea event and they mentioned the following rules so please observe them:

St Kilda Penguin

Firstly, DON'T use flash -there's actually no need if you get there a half-hour or so before dusk as you'll be able to photograph some in the light.......

.......Secondly, no dogs are allowed on the breakwater - tie them up on the pier - or better yet, leave them at home.......

......Third, Fourthly, Fifthly and Sixthly(!!) no feeding or touching them, just look and keep quiet!......

......Actually there's a Seventhly and Eighthly too! - don't drop any litter and don't climb on the rocks.

Please do follow all the rules - there were some people making quite a noise and using flashes when I went and it's very disturbing for the penguins.

In case you're wondering about my photo of the penguin above, I copied it from the website. They say you can copy them so there's no need to take your own photos.......

........I did actually get there early enough to get a video of them though!

Check out the map below to see where the pier/St Kilda is:

View St Kilda penguins in a larger map

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