Summer by the Sea

This Summer by the Sea event is just fantastic and very few people seem to know about it........

Rockpool Ramble at the Summer By the Sea event

......I don't know why as it's been going 17 years now and it's got events suitable for everyone.

It's on every January and lasts about three weeks.

There's over 300 free activities in 80 locations by the sea in Melbourne.

Kayaking at Beaumaris

We went on the St Kilda Walk on the Wild Side event.......

........We learnt all sorts of things about plants, the landscape, what happens if you build a breakwater without taking tide flows into account (like they did!), and about pollution in the water........

.......Then we ambled along the beach looking at sea creatures which had been washed up on the sands.......

........And did you know there's a colony of penguins you can see for free on the breakwater? I hadn't known till I read about this tour........

.......Take a look at my St Kilda Penguins page.

St Kilda Walk on the Wildside tour

I also did a kayak trip at Beaumaris for one and a half hours and a Rockpool Ramble - all free!

There's all sorts of other things to do too like learning about sea creatures at the Dolphin Research Centre, geology trips to uncover fossils,.......

........birdwatching, fishing workshops, snorkelling, beach photography workshops, free breakfasts for dogs/owners and loads more too.

Click on Summer by the Sea and make sure you don't miss this wonderful event ever again!

It's great for adults without kids as well as for families.

Be aware that some events are by booking only so don't leave it till the last minute.


This page was written a few years ago and the event has since become very popular with lots of events now needing to be pre-booked so click on Summer by the Sea early and book some fantastic events NOW!!

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