Suga Royal Arcade

UPDATE: Unfortunately Suga has shut down, no one seems to know why!

Watch through the window of Suga Royal Arcade as lollipops and other delicious sweets are handmade right in front of you.

Suga window, Royal Arcade

Your kids will love watching the lolliologists lolliologing!

They mix the candy in the shop window, stretch and pull it into shape and then do the final decorations.

I enjoyed it as much as my daughter did......

.......In fact, you can see from the middle photo below that it's mainly adults watching!

The lollipops are made about 5 times a day.

If nothing is happening when you arrive, just have a look round this elegant arcade for a while........

.........It was built in 1870 and is gorgeous. It was designed by Charles Webb who also designed the Windsor Hotel.

Suga, Royal Arcade

There's a lot of interesting speciality shops to browse in while you wait for the lollipop making - like jewellers, a silk shop, a spell shop selling 'magical products', gifts shops, a toy shop and lots more.........

..........There are also the mythical figures of Gog and Magog to have a look at.........

.........These are two metre high figures on either side of the impressive Gaunts Clock. They've been in the Royal Arcade since 1892 and were apparently modelled from figures in the Guildhall, London........

The mythical Gog and Magog figures

........There's also a famous chocolate shop to sit in for a while if you want to spend some money!

Shop opening times are Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm, Sat 9.30am-5pm and Sun 10.30am-5pm.

View Suga, Royal Arcade in a larger map

You'll find the Royal Arcade at 335 Bourke Street Mall, almost opposite Myers - see map above.

There's lots of other things to see around here too.......

If you like architecture then have a look INSIDE the gorgeous buildings at 333 Collins Street and the ANZ Bank at 380 Collins Street, go on a free tour in Melbourne Town Hall (you need to book 24 hours in advance for this one) or go and have a gander at Young and Jacksons Chloe.

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